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EmilieRaguso.com News: Man Takes A Dump in Public Mall

Summary of site opinion: Emilie Raguso sucks and lacks credibility.
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You know what is ‘bizarre’? A “high level media strategist” who doesn’t own his own .com domain name (like Lance Knobel)

EmilieRaguso.com Reviews & Opinions of Emilie Raguso:

“Emilie Raguso is not recommended for any type of work involving media strategy where search engine optimization, personal branding and credibility are a factor.”

“A shill posing as an indie journalist”

“A 3rd rate reporter. (At best).”

“Permanently superficial”

“Only considered quality by fruit-loop lefties and SJWs”

“An unintelligent, unattractive female dog” (no offense to dogs).

“Should be quite embarrassed to post a court case maligning someone and moderating comments and ignoring inline rebuttal request.”

“The ultimate rookie media strategist, a permanent newbie to anyone who knows anything about branding and credibility online.”

“One of the group of fender-confused goofballs and the typical garden-variety resume-padding hacks”

“Deplorable. Intelligence is not one of Emilie Raguso’s strong points”

“Nothing like  distorting and censoring the issue when you can’t win an argument based on the truth.”

“Lauded by degenerate liberals as ‘Journalist of the Year’…Yet not even fit for unpaid internship at places interested in truth. (such as 80% of HIV and AIDS comes from gays)”

“not adult enough to engage in a two-day discussion.”

“Works with Lance Knobel The ‘genius’ media strategist who doesn’t own his own .com domain name, even though digital media is his career.”

“Has a career heavily centered on online journalism and is such a witless low level hack she did not buy the premium online real estate for her name for about $17/yr.”

“Emilie Raguso is a lunatic… a silly, foolish and deluded little child.”

“Fake as fuck. Relied on censorship and liberal progressive corruption…Then got crushed strategically for SEO and branding by real people.”

“Ignorant of branding, SEO, and integrity in reporting. Emilie Raguso simply lacks credibility as an independent journalism brand.”

“Slavishly catering to the latest Politically Correct fads”

“Doesn’t attempt to cover stories with an objective, even-handed approach”

“Maybe liked by a few mentally incompetent people or pansies who print superficial awards… but not regarded as much more than a pesky flea by credible media strategists”

“A peddler of half-truths and lies of omission. Needs censorship to cover shoddy reporting. Not a proper person to be admitted into respectable society.”

“Held in low regard. Violated journalistic ethics by posting legal / court related articles and filtering out comments. Part of the breed of low marxist censorship swine known as modern liberal journalists.”

“Emilie Raguso Relies on censorship.”

“Another Berkeleyside cretin”

“Picked for appeal to the most vile pro-homosexual AIDS infested degenerates of the Bay Area”


“Bizarre. This is what is rated as a journalist of the year. Shows how retarded they are”

“Truth is stranger than fiction. You cannot make this stuff up. Is it Lance or Nancy?”

“Ill-advised reckless journalism that relies on censorship.”

“Completely irresponsible and unaware.”

“Unaware, insipid, dimwitted”

Clueless and uninteresting

“Sick in the head”




“The least common denominator. Filthy, tasteless.”

Local, independent journalism? NOT!

Interesting how Berkeleyside claims to be authentic, but moderates out comments and rebuttals of 30 yr Berkeley residents.

BerkeleySide is the name of a Berkeley news outlet…

EmilieRaguso.com doesn’t think so.

EmilieRaguso.com is of the opinion that Berkeleyside may have significant ‘other’ funding that is not being shown.

EmilieRaguso.com believes that Berkeley is a prime target for censorship and that Berkeleyside represents an attempt to establish a censorship racket in a crucial battleground for free speech.

EmilieRaguso.com thinks any credible independent journalist would own their own domain name.

EmilieRaguso.com thinks Emilie Raguso is a scrub 4th rate journalist Caught Flat-Footed for the Digital Age.

*Google results for this site are being tracked. An exact match .com domain name that doesn’t appear near the top of results could conclusively indicate rigged results. We will be watching Google and observing the credibility of their algorithm going bankrupt if this site is censored. Results will be widely publicized.

EmilieRaguso.com Reviews of Berkeleyside:

“Total and complete scum. Berkeleyside Advertises awful theater such as ‘Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes’ and won’t allow comments critical of promoting HIV and AIDS.


‘Recognized as filth by people who have been around Berkeley long before Berkeleyside showed up with their ill-fated plan’

‘Berkeleyside should be avoided like an AIDS infested leper with open cuts”

“Lance. Nancy. Whatever you want to call ‘it’…What a completely queer and disgusting and unwholesome news outlet”

‘Less than 1 Star…Out of 10.’

‘Couldn’t recommend Emilie Raguso less.’

EmilieRaguso.com Featured: Man takes shit in New York City Subway!

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